Blockchain and Sales with Georg Lanzinger, Business Development Manager at Lanzinger.

Hello Viewers, Today we have with us, Mr Georg Lanzinger. He is the Business Development Manager at Lanzinger and will be going to speak on the topic of Blockchain and Sales. Let’s see what he has for us 🙂 Make sure to check it out !!!!

Why a translator between Business and Technology is needed

Business people have their own language, intuitions and dreams, and techies have their own language, intuitions and dreams. At the end, both have the same goals, but they are speaking different languages. Mr. Georg Lanzinger tell us about his ability to combine both worlds and how he can help you.

A very similar with Georg you will here in German language. Warum es einen Übersetzer zwischen Business & Technology benötigt.

More about Business and Blockchain


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