Interview Yokupay


A great Vlog with Jan Swoboda who is the founder of Yokupay which makes the payment in the crypto environment easier


With the metaverse anno 2021 instead split into a multiverse than a single universe, it is not hard
to grasp that user experience is suffering. It is a balancing task for innovation to preserve the
dogmas of anonymity and freedom within the boundaries of the blockchain while pushing for an
enhanced experience of web3 to fuel global adoption. Data silos and the missing implementation
of cookies in web3 and forward-thinking web2 services come at the cost of the user and,
ultimately, the general eco-system. Yoku Pass aims to break the barriers of the infringed data flow
in the web3 space by proposing a solution that upholds anonymity and individual freedom.
Yoku Pass is a simple SignIn-button that can be easily implemented by working with the same
name OpenSource library. The backend is run on an OpenSource server and a user dashboard
with a database.
2. Value exchange between user and web service
To personalize and enhance the user experience on a web service, the service has to work with
data about the user. Web service providers currently collect data from their users’ behavior on
their sites via cookies. Still, they are mostly blind to other information, except giants like Google or
Facebook that can collect way more data with tools like Google Analytics. Yoku Pass is a
business-enhancing web3 tool that offers users the opportunity to log into web services with a
wallet and share information for a better experience. However, sharing any information is a
conscious and voluntary decision that any web service provider cannot devour. If the user decides
to share information to benefit from functionalities or a better experience overall, Yoku Pass allows
them to share logs from their journey at other web services.

If you want to get great ressources, read Blockzeit. The interview with Pascal the founder you can find here.