The vision of Metablond in the metaverse Aeddon

The metaverse Aeddon is co-founded by Nadia Steiner and in this video she tell us her vision!

What is Aeddon?

The Aeddon is an all-encompassing and easy-to-use virtual reality ecosystem that offers developers, businesses, and entrepreneurs a variety of tools to easily build their own virtual worlds, customize a free high-definition avatar, and purchase NFT Land and sell it later on when it appreciates.

#Aeddon Metaverse is a platform that aims to create a virtual world that is as close to real life as possible. Its attention to detail and immersive features make it a truly unique and exciting platform that is sure to capture the imagination of anyone who experiences it.

One of the key features of the Aeddon Metaverse is its geo feature, which allows users to create a virtual representation of a real place or build an entirely new world from scratch.

Businesses can use this feature to create virtual storefronts or showrooms in the Aeddon Metaverse, providing customers with an immersive shopping experience that is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

Investors can also buy land in the Aeddon Metaverse as a long-term investment in their future. The potential for growth and profit is enormous, with the land in Aeddon Metaverse coming in real-world size and near photo-realistic quality.

Bio of Nadia Steiner

Nadia Steiner, co – founder of Aeddon Open World Metaverse. ORIGINALLY FROM Kazakhstan. 
IT Engineer with 12 years IT background in  the bank sector. Great believer and passionate metaverse advocate. Half artist, half scientist in a soul. Mother of 2  wonderful kids. 

My nickname is Metablond, i try to explain complicated technology with the simple words that’s easy to understand even for blondes. I help business to connect with the metaverse. 

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