The vision of Vlad in web3.0 NFT

The vision of Vlad in 10min

The complete interview – the vision of Vlad – 35min

In this Vlog interview, Vlad shows us his vision with NFT in web3.0 and how this can help the Swiss Wine Association to promote and secure their wine.

Dr. Vlad Trifa is an experienced technologist and entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution for the last 15 years. Currently, he is the founder & CEO of ZIMT AG – a Web3 Studio that builds tools and services to help organisations easily integrate and leverage Blockchain technologies.

Previously, he was the Chief Product Officer & CTO at Ambrosus and oversees the engineering team and the development of their core technology. Before that, he helped launched and led Swisscom’s Digital Lab, a B2B incubator for digital transformation. As a pioneer of the Internet of Things and author of the book “Building the Web of Things” (Manning, 2016), he spent over a decade designing and building enterprise-grade IoT solutions for major corporations. In 2011, he co-founded and was Chief Product Officer at EVRYTHNG, an award-winning IoT cloud platform used by numerous Fortune 100 companies which was sold to Digimarc in 2022.

In previous lives, he was a researcher and engineer at MIT where he built smart cities platforms to collect and analyse massive amounts of real-time data; at SAP where he connected industrial IoT systems to ERP applications; at UCLA where he built distributed sensor systems to help biologists study animal communication in the forests of Mexico and California; and at ATR in Japan where he designed neural models of sensory-motor coordination for humanoid robots. He graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from ETH Zurich and a MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics from EPFL.

Swiss Wine Association in web3.0

This project helps to promote Swiss wine and secure it with a NFT. Link to the Swiss Wine Association

The vision with NFT

The vision of Vlad in web3.0 with NFT is to secure and make the wine business transparent. The solution he offers, can be transferred to many other industries! Because NFT’s are a great tool to maintain your community!

Phygital? What’s that? Have a look at this video with Marco and see the possibilities in web 3.0!

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