The vision of Roberto Orazi in Sales

Part 2

Introverted people in sales? does it work? Absolutely!!!

Listen to the hints how to become better in sales! And if you are responsible for the sales team, because you are Head of Sales or Sales Director, listen how to motivate your team!

Part 1

What is the vision of Roberto Orazi in sales? Are there any changes in the sales process? How can the Sales Director support his Sales Managers? How can technology help in sales or are the new technologies bad for sales? Roberto is a very experienced guy and knows the sales process, he tells us his vision where the art of sales is now and will be in the future!

Bio of Roberto Orazi

I have worked in many countries around the world and in different sectors, such as public and private. I have enjoyed working with governments and I am still enthusiastic about helping private companies by bringing value and supporting them in their growth process. In my personal life as in my career, I focus on keeping an open mind and continuous growth through boldness, awareness and analysis. The key was and is comprehensive and integrated thinking followed by pragmatic and consistent actions.

This is what I do for my business partners. Thinking outside the box, assessing the current state, defining the target state and implementing their growth. I offer my expertise in all matters related to sales, business and strategic development, digital tools that should “simplify” your processes, change management, building a business, and coaching sales.

My credo is:
– In any negotiations a win-win situation is the only reasonable outcome!
– Bring an added value wherever you are, whatever you do!
– Always be genuine!

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