Vlog Marco about phygital

Phygital’s connect the physical world and the digital world – the metaverse. In this Vlog, Marco tells us his vision

Another-1 is very strong in connecting the real and the digital world. I am sure you know their sneaker project. If you love high-heels, you have to know this one:

PROJECT NAYOM1 is all about the modernization of a traditional Italian high-heel shoe powerhouse while creating exclusive ‘phygital’ products for an even more exclusive community of luxury digital fashion consumers.

It highlights how phygital assets can create multiple layers of utility (Physical Shoe, Digital Wearable, PFP) both in the real world, as well as the digital one.The 1000 limited edition ‘NAYOM1 Blade’ physical heels are all NFC-chipped, enabling fans of Casadei to connect the real footwear to digital metaverse wearables and PFP avatars in the form of 1000 corresponding non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – merging realities to create the ultimate web3 fashion experience. Source: https://www.another-1.io/launchpad/collection/project-nayom1

Casadei was founded in 1958 in San Mauro Pascoli, where Quinto and Flora Casadei created the first collection of sandals designed for tourists holidaying on the Italian Riviera. https://www.casadei.com/en/heritage/storia.html

If you love sneakers like I do, you have to go there: https://www.another-1.io/launchpad/collection/ntr1-meta

But what is the vision of Marco?

If you buy now a sneaker or any clothes, you also would like to wear this in the metaverse. Another-1 makes this happen and brings the physical stuff into metaverse. And if you come to an event organized by Another-1, and you wear your sneaker or high-heel, you can get identified with an NFC chip and you can get rewarded.

Another-1 offers this service for any interested company. Just contact Marco via LinkedIn or follow via Twitter.

If you are a creator, Another-1 will publish in the next days their “become a creator” program, where designers can realize their own projects in a very short time. Designers earn visibility and can make galleries. A preview of this great tool will be soon here! Please follow this page to get notified.

If you want to get deeper into supply-chain and web3, watch Kelroy’s vision.

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