The vision of Ursula in web 3

This vlog is with Ursula Volpe who is consultant for web3 and fighting for equality. She is an experienced tech consultant and passionate NFT collector. As a co-founder of Fox and Happy Blocks she helps businesses to boost their business with web3. Through consulting and educating about the benefits of web3. With her podcast “BlocksTrail” she is exploring the exciting world of web3 and how it can help businesses grow and stay ahead of competitors. With her other company Pink Fox Ventures, she invests into early stage female co-founded startups to help tackle the gender gap in founders. Ursula is fighting for equality. She told me, there is a study that mixed teams of start-ups are more efficient than only men-teams.

Successful startups need varieties

Ursula and I met the first time in the unpaired gallery where I was panelist about NFT’s. I had a great conversation with Ursula about web3, NFT, how to help others on their web3 journey. She was talking about mixed teams consisting of women and men, with different backgrounds and from different universities, which fascinated me. I agree with her that a good mixture is important for a startup to succeed. And not only startups, even for enterprises.

MetaBrewSociety in web3

Ursula is fascinated of MetaBrewSociety which is about to become the leading Web3 beer brand and community.

“Owners of one of the 1516 NFTs receive unseen benefits, providing holders with an average of 200 cans of free craft beer per year for life!

Your MBS NFT allows you to take part in this revolutionary next step for beer and the brewing industry. Holders are co-owners of the brewery in Weißenstadt, Bavaria. They receive innovative benefits that is the first of its kind and that can be enjoyed in real life for a lifetime.”

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Fox and Happy Blocks

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