The vision of Thrilld Labs CEO Alexandra Overgaag in WEB3

Alexandra is the founder & CEO of Thrilld Labs, a free and open-access business solution that lets Web3 projects, professional investors, developer, and Web3 service providers worldwide find each other to talk funding, business, and other synergies – instantly. She is also an independent researcher, has written for the Cointelegraph, and is a mentor to various educational Web3 initiatives hosted by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. Her background is in law, political science, and the hospitality sector. In this video she tells us her vision and why she is doing that.

Alexandra is also a Mentor at the Frankfurt Business School for the WEB3 Talents

My goal is pretty simple: I want to spur the true visionaries of Web3. And its contributors. And those who help finance the space. And those looking for jobs and new gigs. Basically, all those who collectively build tomorrow’s society and economy.

Thrilld Labs

Thrilld is a free and open-access business solution for Web3 projects, professional investors, devs, and Web3 service providers. They can instantly scope out one another to discuss funding, partnerships, and other Web3 synergies. Any Web3 pro worldwide, regardless of their background or connections, can use the app to connect with other professionals in a streamlined manner. Thrilld also functions as a full-fledged Web3 conference networking app. 

Via Thrilld devs can explore profiles of Web3 projects and service providers actively seeking synergies. Whether you’re seeking projects to contribute to, a new CTO role, partnerships to form, or clients for your services, we are thrilld to welcome you. Even temporary, as we know you’re busy building or running your development company. Our hyperlocalization feature enables you to harness real-time networking opportunities, perfect for connecting during events, conferences, and meetups, and you can communicate confidently with private and secure chats. Check out our Partner Portal, where you find our partners, including grant programs, bounty programs, hackathons, and Web3 B2B companies that might be hiring. The vision of Alexandra CEO Thrilld Labs is really phantastic and thanks for her insights!

You can download Thrilld for free in the App Store or Google Play Store. 

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