The vision of Michael Rey with DAO

What is the vision of Michael Rey with Swiss Asset DAO? What are DAO’s for? Why was it founded in Switzerland? These and more questions Michael will appoint in this 2part interview.

Part 2

Why did Michael found this DAO in Switzerland and name it Swiss Asset DAO? There are several good reasons, not only the financial, social and political stability of the country, it’s much more. Also he will tell us his vision 🙂

Part 1

After completing a master’s in mathematics at ETH Zurich, Michael spent two decades in TradFi risk management and financial structuring across Europe and Asia, including UBS Investment Bank and the Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC. Before founding Cerchia, a company innovating risk transfer, and SwissAssetDAO, building bridges between DeFi and TradFi, he was the Chief Risk Officer for a private bank in Liechtenstein.

What is Swiss Asset DAO

The SwissAssetDAO aims to deliver a solution to bridge RWA and DA with legalclarity and financial efficiency.
Starting out with the legal anchor in a stable jurisdiction, the project establishes an actual real-world association (“Verein”) in Zug, Switzerland.
An association is a legal entity under the laws of Switzerland, with formal decentralized governance (articles of association, president, general assembly, audit, membership, etc.), and proven a very popular (decentralized)
setup to organize activities. Registration in the commercial registry is voluntary but recommended, especially to establish transparency and trust.

The real-world setup and governance outlined can be completely digitized and operated with smart contracts on DLT. A template of a “decentralized autonomous association” (DAA1) has even been built and made freely available
by MME, a preeminent DLT law firm in Zug, Switzerland, as early as back in 2018.

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